Monday, April 02, 2007

Rowena, 2 hours old.

Our midwives give Rowena her first physical (1 hour old).

(Back row, L to R) Katie, Bela, Thelma, Irene, John III, John IV
(Middle row) Sandy, Rowena, Lavera
(Front) Nadya

Daysi, Thelma, Irene, John III, John IV
Sandy holding Rowena, Lavera, Nadya, Bela holding Katie (Tina)

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Grandma Thelma holds Rowena (age one week).

Nadya takes good care of Dolly.

Grandma Lavera holds Rowena (age one week).

Bela holds Katie (Tina) who holds Rowena (almost a day old).
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About a week before Rowena's birth, I really could use my stomach as a table.

Tina (Katie) and Nadya get to know baby Rowena.

Little John will be fully baked in about an hour :)

Irene, Kouzia, John III, John IV and Sandy.
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Nadya experimenting at the Exploratorium, September 2006.
Sandy and Tina blowing bubbles at the Exploratorium.

Daysi and Hugh.

Two Foot Two meets Seven Foot Two. Dave, Nadya and Sandy. (2002)

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nadya, Daysi and Tina romp in the snow at South Lake Tahoe.

Nadya in front of her new school She's a big kindergartener now.

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