Sunday, August 28, 2005

Katie with boffer throwing stars. I think she'll be wanting to participate in boffer wars next year at Baycon. Posted by Picasa

Katie helps out. The chickens don't know whether to run to her because she might have corn, or run away because she likes to chase them. Posted by Picasa

Barnyard's done. Time to go home. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nadya had her friend over one recent afternoon. They spent some time playing with toddler computers. Posted by Picasa

Katie shows off her babies. Posted by Picasa

The older kids play with balloons while Katie investigates the egg beater. Posted by Picasa

Fishing time. Posted by Picasa

These tubes are great fun. Posted by Picasa

Ben was immediately drawn to the neccessity of mowing the lawn. If only I could have let him use a real mower!!! Posted by Picasa

Nadya spent some time riding her various ride-on toys. Posted by Picasa

The date ended with a lovely picnic. Everyone shared. It was really sweet. Posted by Picasa

Ben at 3.5 years old. Posted by Picasa

Nadya at 3.5 years old. Posted by Picasa

Katie at 1.5 years old. Posted by Picasa

We planted a few veggies in the front flower bed this year, and actually installed the drip irrigation that I've been threatening for years. This tomato is producing a few ripe tomatoes every week. Posted by Picasa

This tomato plant didn't really like our yard. It quickly set 2 tomatoes, ripened them and then died. Posted by Picasa

Nadya stands next to her sunflower patch. They're now blooming and very pretty. I hope we'll actually get sunflower seeds, too. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hans is getting interactive. Posted by Picasa

Hop on Pop Posted by Picasa

Looks like Katie's had another growth spurt. I need to get used to this view. I rather expect she'll be taller than me in a decade or so. Posted by Picasa

Watch out! Katie's up to something. Posted by Picasa

Can you see the duckling hiding behind Mama? She sat on 13 duck eggs for 28 days. (Chickens added 12 eggs during that time. One hatched, but didn't survive.) Posted by Picasa

Mama Duck is very protective of her kids. She hatched 6 ducklings, but the three black ones disappeared over the course of the first week.  Posted by Picasa

The geese supervise one of the goslings taking a swim. Posted by Picasa

Our neighbors raise rabbits and goats. Some of the rabbits have gotten out, so we've got rabbits, too. Posted by Picasa