Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tough girl though she is, Katie likes to stop and smell the flowers. Posted by Picasa

Katie's favorite display at the fair. When she first saw this vehicle, she shouted, "Mine!" and started climbing all over it. Posted by Picasa

I love the antique tractor parade. I wonder if this guy would come do our orchard and pasture? Posted by Picasa

Nadya learns how to milk a goat. Posted by Picasa

The roller coaster was being worked on so Nadya went on the train first. When the ride was over, they had reopened the roller coaster. Posted by Picasa

Nadya totally adores the roller coaster. This one went forwards and backwards. It wasn't your usual totally tame kiddie coaster - and she loved it! Still waters run deep. Posted by Picasa

Biker Girl Nadya cops an attitude. Posted by Picasa

Nadya pilots her first spacecraft. Posted by Picasa

Katie was jealous of all the rides Nadya went on. We finally found a ride that Katie was big enough for: the carrousel. Here she gives the carnie her tickets. Posted by Picasa

Katie wanted to go on a ride, until she was actually on it. She stayed just long enough for the picture, then insisted on leaving before the ride started. Posted by Picasa

On the previous three events where Nadya tried this climbing and sliding contraption, she has had to be helped past the rope ladder. This time she just barrelled right up it without a pause! She's the light yellow blur.  Posted by Picasa

Katie really made out at the fishing booth. Here she shows off her loot: a small fish, a large turtle and a small rubber alligator, just like Uncle Gordon had. Nadya got a medium sized snake. Posted by Picasa