Monday, December 26, 2005

Katie's birthday dinner: Nadya, Katie, Filbo, Earl, Grandma Lavera, Aunt Janet, Wendy Posted by Picasa


Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

Happy b-day, Katie!

Sandy, on my blog Sugar Mtn Farm you had guessed seven happy hippos, er, pigs and said the answer link wasn't working. I wanted to explore that with you. The word "here" on the blog posting Mystery Photo 20060609 should be bold and italic. If you hold your curor over it without moving for a few seconds it should display the answer (no java or plugins required, just plain old HTML). Can you try that and see if it works and let me know ( Also what web browser do you use?

3:11 PM  
Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

Sandy, on the Mystery Photo 20060707 posting on my blog you said it wasn't working for you. I think hiccuped....

After your comment I checked and it was not working for me either although it had been working before.

I poked at it and it started working again. See how it is for you now...

6:23 PM  

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