Sunday, May 22, 2005

Katie eating is still a full-body experience. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Nadya loves the balance beam at gymnastics. She loves to practice anywhere there's a curb or wide wall. Posted by Hello

Nadya made her own hobby horse. Posted by Hello

Nadya has her own way with chopsticks :) Posted by Hello

A fun park trip trip. Posted by Hello

And Nadya. She announced while riding it that she'll ride a real horse when she's older. Ben already does. Posted by Hello

And Ben. Posted by Hello

the week after we took pictures of the kids on this bouncy horse, it was gone. I still haven't gotten the scoop on that. He're's Katie. Posted by Hello

Katie's picking her own clothes now. Scooter is ready to play with his favorite person. Posted by Hello

Classic Nadya. She's about to break into her deafening laugh. Posted by Hello

Nadya's getting interested in letters and numbers. Posted by Hello

NNadya Posted by Hello

We turned quite a few heads with this line-up at the market one day. People kept asking if we were selling babies now. Posted by Hello

Babysitting at the farmers' market. Posted by Hello

Hans can hold a bottle by himself, for a short while. Posted by Hello

Hans looks at the world from a different perspective: standing. Posted by Hello

What a smile! Hans at 4 months. Posted by Hello

Katie shows Hans how to work the toys. Posted by Hello

Katie at 16 months old. Posted by Hello

Katie clowns around for Hans. The two of them really like each other. Posted by Hello

Trying to see if Hans is teething. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The next pictures are all from the First Annual Day In The Sky ( Ben invited Nadya to fly with him, but she decided to stay on the ground and watch. We all had a lovely day. I got to drive the Mars Rover. The kids got their pictures taken in spacesuits. Ben got to sit up front and fly a plane. Posted by Hello

Ben waits as patiently as any 3-year-old can. Posted by Hello

Some of the best fun is unscheduled :) Posted by Hello

There was so much to see and do. Posted by Hello